Everything is Awesome!

Luckily the weather was kind and despite a few windy spells we remained dry on our trip to Legoland. We started the day with a computer workshop where the children had to make a lion in Lego bricks and then use a programming interface to make the lion stand up, roar, lie down and then sleep. The children did so well that some of them managed to try other projects. It was then off on the Skyride and then to the theatre to watch Clutch Powers 4D – where we did in fact get showered with water, blown by wind, toasted by fire, engulfed by smoke and finally dusted with snow! Then a brief visit to the Fairy Tale Brook – a charming ride into storyland and then off to the driving school – good luck to all your parents when you start to learn to drive! We then found a sheltered place for our lunches then off to the underwater world of Atlantis where we encountered sharks, sting rays and mermaids. Then onto Laser Raiders for Pharoah fun! Followed by a train ride where we got squirted with water again, then Scarab bouncers and finally a thrilling ride on the Dragon Roller coaster – much screaming and waving of arms and then to end Knight’s Quest. You can now tell why Year 5 all slept so well on Tuesday night. Thanks to Mrs Price who accompanied us and to Chris our coach driver who helped to make the day such fun!