Lyndhurst Win Gold!

On Wednesday 5th November we took a team of 8 boys and girls form Year 4 to Year 6 to the ISA London West Biathlon at Hurst Lodge School.  There were over 200 participants, completing an outdoor swim followed by a muddy run.  The team all competed with great effort and determination.  In the Under 9 category Harry  was placed first, taking the gold medal and the regional championship.  The rest of the team continued our success with some of our children competing in an age group above their own.  Results were as follows: Henry  (12th); William  (9Th); Malia  (17th); Mario  (8th); Rumaan (10th); Ava C (9th) and Elizabeth (4th).  Well done to all the team who were well supported by a large number of their parents.