ISA Swimming

As we speak our pupils are representing Lyndhurst School at the ISA London West Swimming Gala at Guildford. Best of luck everyone after leaving school at 6.30am!

10am RESULT UPDATE – Elizabeth, Year 6 – 3rd in Breaststroke

10.10am RESULT UPDATE – Ellie Johnston, Year 4 – 4th in Backstroke

10.12am RESULT UPDATE – Harry, Year 4 – 6th in Backstroke….

10.19am RESULT UPDATE – Malia, Year 5 – 5th Backstroke… Mario, Year 5 – 3rd Backstroke… Elizabeth, Year 6 – 2nd Backstroke (just pipped on the touch at the end!)

11.18am RESULT UPDATE – Joseph, Year 4 – 1st in heat, 3rd Overall in Freestyle

11.20am RESULT UPDATE – Malia, Year 5 – 3rd in heat in Freestyle

11.25am RESULT UPDATE – Mario, Year 5 – 4th in heat in Freestyle

11.45am RESULT UPDATE – Ava, Year 6 – 6th in heat in Freestyle

1.00pm RESULT UPDATE – Year 4 Boys Freestyle – 2nd place with an amazing performance from Joseph on the anchor leg