Core4Kids Night Camp

All 30 participants in this term’s Sleep Over had a great time on Friday.

After having set up their beds, they enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies with Mr & Mrs Rudkin. Then it was off to the Arena for a swimming session. Back to school after that for a supper of sausages and chips. Then settling down for the night with a movie. Most of them got some sleep! A BIG WELL DONE to those first timers who survived the night and especially those for whom it was the first night away from home. After a tasty breakfast of cereals, pastries and milk it was off home to sleep it off (or for some off for their morning sports matches!)

Below are some quotes from parents….

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful night camp. He had a fabulous time and I know that it must be hard work keeping everyone on track and happy. The night camp is such a great idea………… the kids have such a great time”
“Her first night away from me and a complete success. Thank you”
“She had a great time again, thanks to you and all the team! 🙂 Looking forward to Summer Night Camp!”
“Thanks so much, he had a great time!”
“He had a fantastic time, thank you to everyone.”