We arrived at school on Monday morning dressed in our school tracksuits with our Wellington boots ready in a bag. Some of us were a bit worried because it was our first trip in Reception and for some of us it was our first ever school trip. We needn’t have worried though. We had a lovely coach drive to the farm with not too many children asking “are we there yet?” We changed in to our boots and from then on we didn’t stop!

We fed some very cute Shetland ponies, some sheep and goats, some very noisy hens and cockerels. We sang songs, we went on a very bumpy and loud tractor ride. We crept over the troll bridge (shhh!). We were able to give some calves their milk and we stroked a kid (that’s a baby goat – we learnt all about the proper names for the mummies and daddies and their babies). We cuddled some lovely kittens – that is what a baby rabbit is called, we learnt that too! We saw a chicken egg, a swallow egg, a duck egg and a huge ostrich egg and we held some chicks in our laps – they were very fluffy.  We also talked about vegetables and fruit and harvest time on the farm. We met Pinky and Perky the pigs, the ducks and geese, the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, Snowball who is one of the farm cats and then we washed our hands exactly as Farmer Jackie had told us too – and that was all before lunch time!

Lunch was delicious and then we got to play in a field on the tractors before we had to come back to school. We had a fantastic day!