What a trip we had to the fire station! Mrs Wilson drove us in the minibus to Camberley fire station and we were quite surprised when we got there so quickly – we only had time to ask once – are we there yet? When we got there we found out that the firefighters were being inspected. This meant that we got to see something that most children don’t see – the firefighters doing a practise drill with the fire engine and the ladder. The ladder looked really heavy but the firefighters, following the instructions from Lee who was in charge, carried it safely to the tower and put the ladder up. It was really, really tall! They climbed up the ladder, pulled the hose pipe up using a rope and then sprayed the hose out of the window. We were allowed to empty the water out of the hose pipe – it was a race because there were two hose pipes.

Then we were allowed to climb in the back of the fire engine and have a go at knocking the ball off the top of cone using the hose pipe (with a bit help).

We learnt about fire safety, the emergency numbers, how we never play with matches and what to do if we see someone’s clothes on fire – tell them to stop, drop and roll (we even know the actions for this). Darren the firefighter told us to make sure that we pestered all of our mummies and daddies to make sure we all have smoke alarms in our homes – we hope you have!

Thank you to Camberley fire station and White watch for a fantastic visit!