Years 2 and 3 went to Paulton’s Park on Monday 20th March and took part in a science workshop.  The theme was Forces and Materials which meant that the children had to experience the rides. From these they gained an understanding of pushes, pulls, gravity, air resistance, friction and centrifugal forces. They didn’t realise science could be so much fun.  Despite the wet and windy weather, they learnt a lot about forces, and got to experience the effect of forces on their bodies when they went on the rides. Ruby-Rose writes “I loved the Caterpillar ride it was one of my favourites. The trip was really interesting because we learnt about forces when we went on the rides. It was raining but the rain didn’t stop us.” Alex said “it was a good trip” while Felicity described it as “brilliant”. It was a great way to learn about a tricky scientific concept and a great day out.