Here are a couple of descriptions of Year 6’s recent trip to London

On Tuesday 25th April Year 6R caught the train to London Waterloo. When we got there we walked along to the Southbank and saw the London Eye. We took several photos, and it was very chilly. Next we went to St. James’ Park to eat McDonald’s, the park was lovely and had lots of colourful flowers and birds, we even saw a ninja squirrel! Then we saw the area where they do the Trouping of the Colour on the way to Westminster Palace. We had a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, we were all impressed by the fancy décor. After our tour, we had our own general election. Finally, we caught the train back home.

By Ruby

This week we walked from school to Camberley train station and took a train to Waterloo. When we got there we went to the South Bank and we saw the London Eye and then we carried on walking to Westminster Bridge. After we walked over Westminster Bridge we went to McDonald’s and then walked over and sat down the St. James’ Park and had lunch. When we got to the Houses of Parliament we had a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. After we saw the two houses we had a workshop. In the workshop, we made our own parties and some people got elected to be MPs and after that we got our souvenirs and when back on the train back to school.

By Joshua