25.5.17 – 5.00pm

Hello from Wales!

We have been treated to another glorious day in Wales, we’ve not seen a drop of the 200cm of annual rainfall which keeps the reservoirs topped up.

Today we split into two groups and swapped activities at lunchtime.

One group went rock climbing and abseiling; many were a bit nervous at first, but after watching for a few minutes all were eager to try climbing the rock face. Abseiling was a bit more challenging on the nerves; but everyone had the chance to have a go and those that managed to overcome their fears were rightly proud.

The second group went on a tour of the dams with local ranger, Fiona. They were all excited to see the huge Claerwen dam, made famous because Richard Hammond was winched up it’s face on Top Gear, and to walk through Pen-y-Garreg dam, an experience not many get to try.

And so our week is nearly over; here are a few comments from the children: 

‘It’s been amazing’, ‘The next Year 6 should try all of the activities because you feel so proud’, ‘It’s a great experience’, ‘I’ve tried so many new things and had a great time.’

Although the children have had a great time, they’re all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We should be back to school at around 4.00p.m.

24.5.17 – 5.42pm

Hello from Wales!

Another busy (and hot!) day at Elan Valley.

We began with orienteering in the Nant Gwyllt forest – the children were split into 5 teams and had to use their mapskills to find waymarkers. This was followed by lunch at the lake and our afternoon activity of raft-building. This time the children were in two teams, one of boys and one of girls. They had 6 barrels, eight poles and assorted straps and ropes. Both teams did a really good job on their designs, but learned that the key to success is lashing the poles and the barrels securely.  The girls finished first and set off across the lake on Splashy McSplash Face.  They’d got half way when the boys had their craft ready, named HMS Total Failure (which it wasn’t). In the end the girls were triumphant and sailed back to shore in victory, with the boys in hot pursuit.

Time for a quick shower before dinner, followed by archery and problem solving later.

23.5.17 – 9.38pm

Hello from Wales!

Another action packed day today!

After a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, we all piled into the centre Land Rovers to go to the lake.

We began with the leap of faith, zip wire and crate-stacking. The children all did really well, encouraging each other and working as a team! After lunch, we took to the water in kayaks and canoes to inspect the half-finished dam. Some were a bit unsure at first, but by the end of the session confidence was high. The water session finished with the sun shining brightly and many of the children went for a dip in the lake before dinner.

Then back to the centre for a quick shower and another fantastic meal – this time spaghetti bolognaise, followed by sticky toffee pudding.

This evening’s activity was to write and send our postcards (these should be winging their way to you!) followed by playtime in the brand new adventure playground.

We’ve just sent the children off to bed, ready for another packed day tomorrow!

22.5.17 – 7.30pm

Hello from sunny Wales!

We arrived safely at Elan Valley at 2pm.

The children were very eager to find out who they were sharing their bedrooms with; and so far no complaints on that score!

This was followed by a delicious supper of Welsh sausages, mash and vegetables, followed by strawberry cheesecake. Clean plates all round!

We are now about to go out and about orienteering…