This week, Year 6 had the opportunity to visit the Rural Life Centre in Tilford – and have vouchers which allow them to get back in for free if parents feel like being shown around and educated! We visited a working forge driven by water power, a post-war ‘prefab’ house, learned about pulleys and levers and the many stages of the transitions of farming and living technology from the beginning of the industrial age. We learned how technology freed up farmers to become factory workers, who in turn were freed to become office workers, how reading and writing are a ticket out of poverty and how to write with pen-and-ink. The children described the trip as “the best I’ve ever been on” and “very very very interesting”, making it an enormously successful endeavour and raising countless questions that the children kept asking all the way to the gate. Our thanks to Pam, Jennifer, to Mrs Pym for her very valuable help, and to the whole of the Rural Life Centre team.