Reception, Yr 1, 2 and 3 went to see Peter Pan Pantomime in Camberley Theatre. Children really enjoyed and their favourite part was the song and dance that Captain Hook did – “Bad”, originally done by Michael Jackson.

They  had a fabulous time at the Panto, where they met Pan’s mischievous best friend Tink and the Lost Boys.  They helped Pan take on his enemy Captain Hook who was also Mr Barrie! the children loved the sword fights and Mr and Mrs Smee’s baking session!  It was an unforgettable panto complete with flying, laugh out loud puns, mostly enjoyed by the staff.  The bucket loads of audience participation was loved by the children.   ‘He’s behind you…’ and ‘Oh no he isn’t’ were a few of the many phrases boisterously shouted out during the show.  The theatre vibrated with the noise produced by the children and the adults’ ear rang!

Lower School thoroughly enjoyed the awfully big adventure!