Lyndhurst School!

Years 4, 5 and 6 had the unique opportunity this week to tackle some tricky problems head on when an outside agency came to test their thinking skills. Across the whole day, the Year groups were split into small groups of 5 children and presented with a cube; the only visible thing on it was a padlock. They were then given an activity that would eventually lead them to a 4 digit code to unlock the padlock, and on the fun continued. In the morning, the problems revolved around science, and featured Albert Einstein and some tricky equations. The afternoon focused on the Ancient Romans and had some excellent information about mosaics, baths and legion banners. The problems were fiendish, and required all members of the team to work together to solve and it was really pleasing to see the children pulling together and showing true teamworking skills. The resilience the children showed was also very impressive – all in all a fabulous, if problematic day!