Year Three should be so proud of their teamwork in creating the block panting.  Each block matches exactly, and we can’t wait to have the painting mounted and displayed in school. Congratulations Year 3.  Van Gogh’s painting ‘Almond Tree in Bloom’. 

In Year Six Design and Technology the shelters are progressing well, and the children were extremely careful and skillful when using the saws. 

Year Two are continuing their exploration of colour and Kandinsky’s use of colour.  Kandinsky quoted ‘Each colour lives by its mysterious life.’ And ‘Colour is power which directly influences the soul’. Year Two definitely have a passion for art. 

The clock and the mice were created for Year One art display ‘Hickory dickory dock’.  Did you know that the clock is based on Exeter Cathedral’s astronomical clock? 

Year Four are continuing their work on Tudor pouches and have started sewing the materials together.  A great deal of patience is required whilst sewing.