At Lyndhurst School every child is encouraged to participate in a wide range of team and individual sports in both Physical Education and Games lessons. All children are given the opportunity to develop their skills whilst becoming confident and proficient in a variety of sports. Our sporting programme is designed to foster physical awareness, mental well-being, respect, sportsmanship, fair play, an understanding of getting out of life what you put in, as well as learning to win and lose with grace. The importance of having fun and team work is essential at Lyndhurst, all pupils, regardless of their ability will represent their school in many different events throughout their journey.

As with all our teaching, our sports curriculum is tailored to each individual and strives to develop the whole child, preparing them for a lifelong participation in physical activity.

The more able sportsmen and women can compete at a regional and national level through our association with the ISA (Independent Schools Association).  In the past we have had great success in swimming, athletics, football and golf.
Our annual sports day held at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst is a memorable event for all, as are our house matches and regular sporting fixtures. Swimming, as a life-saving and enjoyable activity is highly valued at Lyndhurst, therefore all children will participate in weekly swimming lessons with qualified instructors.