Department Heads


Mr Andrew Rudkin BEd (Hons) University of Reading

Deputy Head, DCPO, Head of Humanities

Mrs Nicola Price BSc (Hons), PGCE

Year 2 Form Teacher, Head of Lower School

Mrs Caroline Bavin Cert Ed, Dip SpLD

Head of Early Years, Deputy DCPO

Mrs Barbara March-Jones BA, PGCE

Year 4 Form Teacher, Head of Upper School, Head of Boys’ Games, Head of Design Technology & ICT, Swimming Assistant

Mr Andrew Friend BSc (Hons), PGCE, NRSTC

Year 5 Form Teacher, Head of Mathematics

Mrs Suzanne Rudkin BEd (Hons)

Head of PE & Girls’ Games

Mrs Jean Penfold Cert Ed, Diploma in Sports Psychology, National Rescue Award for Swimming

Head of Music

Mrs Denny Davies BEd, Dip ABRSM