Learning Support

Lyndhurst School welcomes students of all abilities and aptitudes. Our Learning Support Department offers a nurturing environment where pupils may obtain the assistance they require to help them work to their individual strengths and to achieve their best.

We take great care to keep track of every one of our pupils as they progress through the school, preparing Individual Support Plans or Provision Maps as required, and updating these in consultation with teachers and parents. That way, we are confident that we can identify and deal with any educational needs as they arise.

What we offer:

  • A dedicated SENCO with responsibility for overseeing the provision for all children with special educational needs.
  • Targeted support in lessons through the help from our highly trained Learning Assistant
  • One-to-one lessons provided by our team of specialist teachers, who liaise closely with the pupils’ classroom teachers.
  • These lessons are bespoke and aimed to give the pupil the opportunity to revisit the specific area of need.
  • Small groups for English and Mathematics.
  • Liaison between teachers and parents.
  • Advising on educational assessment
  • Advising on support networks
  • Pastoral support
  • High Achievers:

Lyndhurst School aims to support and celebrate the abilities, personal qualities and talents of all children, where possible within the school environment.

We aim to deliver teaching that makes learning challenging and enjoyable and to provide higher order thinking and questioning skills. The department compiles a High Achievers Register and monitors the progress of the children. We carry out events to showcase the children’s talents and high abilities, such as music converts and Spelling competitions.

If you believe your child needs assistance from the Learning Support Department, please contact our Head of Learning Support, Mrs. Beamish-Pena on s.beamish-pena@lyndhurstschool.co.uk