News & Events

Emergency Services Week

1st February 2024

At Lyndhurst we take great pride in teaching our children about the world around us. Our experienced and dedicated teachers have been working with the children to learn about the emergency services and the important role they have in our community. We were grateful and excited to have a visit from members of our local…

A Very Fond Farewell

15th December 2023

Today we said a very sad goodbye to three of our much-loved members of staff who are leaving Lyndhurst to move on to pastures new. Mrs Lawrence, Miss Tutcher and Miss Morrison, thank you for everything you have done for Lyndhurst. You have all been beyond amazing in your roles and the school will not…

And that’s a wrap for 2023!

15th December 2023

We have had a busy and fun filled week full of Christmas festivities. We finished the week off with our carol concert at St Michaels Church. The service this morning was wonderful, the performances were beautiful, thank you to everyone who came along to watch I hope you enjoyed the celebration as much as we…

Year 1 Nativity Artwork

14th December 2023

Year one have been learning about the Nativity as part of their RE unit on light. We looked at different artworks depicting nativity scenes and discussed where the light was and why they thought the artists had highlighted these particular areas. We explored the Christian idea of Jesus as a “guiding light”. Then the children…

Year 3 Tambourines & Triangles

14th December 2023

Today the children split into teams of Tambourine, and Triangle. and enjoyed playing to the sugar plum fairy and jingle bells in class. Practicing their best musical understanding, the children were able to follow and perform alongside the track, with the correct instrument.  

Year 1 End of Term

14th December 2023

The end of a very busy week (and year!) at Lyndhurst. Our Year 1 class celebrated today with Christmas Jumper Day along with a very special visit from Father Christmas, followed by hot chocolate and candy dipped breadsticks while watching The Snowman. A lovely day was had by all.  

Year 1 Festive Music Lesson

12th December 2023

Year 1 were busy beavering away making their own instruments with recyclables. Lots of fixing and glueing with Christmas songs playing in the background, the students had a wonderful time.

Deck the Halls on Ukulele

11th December 2023

This week our Year 4 children learned the festive favourite ‘Deck the Halls’ on the ukulele. This took time to manage the changed in chords from F to C, but they all gave it great effort. In fact, the result was so good, that the class asked Mrs Lawrence to come into class so they…

Media Club

8th December 2023

Miss Joyce’s Media Club children presented their efforts in Media Club this term – Years 3 and 4 showcased a news report on the naughty Christmas Elf and his shenanigans at school, all written, directed and filmed by the children. Years 5 and 6 showcased a trailer for their upcoming film, Indiana Holmes – an…

Yr2 Reading with Reception

8th December 2023

Reception came to visit the Year 2 classroom this morning and they had so much fun listening to the older children read and discuss the books with them. Year 2 cannot wait to go and visit Reception in their new classroom next week to do the same again!