At Lyndhurst, our principle is to place the pupils at the heart of a strong supportive school community.

We believe engaging children as active participants in their education; involving them in the decision-making process and giving them regular opportunities to share their ideas about the issues which are most important to them.

We run a School Council, Upper School Council and Food Committee, all of which are led by pupils elected by their peers. The bi-termly meetings are preceded by a class forum, where the agenda is discussed so that all children’s views are represented. The elected representative then brings these views to the meeting, notes of which are shared with all via the Pupils’ Noticeboard.

Further to these formal meetings, the pupils have regular opportunities to share their views and experiences with senior staff through drop-in sessions and one-to-one tutorials.

Pupils of all ages also have an opportunity to comment on their feelings about school, through the ‘pupil voice’ section of their school reports and the older children complete a questionnaire about their experiences in school on a wide range of academic and non-academic topics.