Little Lyndhurst incorporates Pre-Reception and Reception classes under the one roof: Little Lyndhurst is thus able to deliver all your child’s Foundation Stage requirements maintaining constant, close liaison between the two classes, ensuring a smooth transition into formal education.

Little Lyndhurst is a friendly, family orientated setting and an integral part of the whole school.

Both classes are led by experienced and fully qualified teachers supported by experienced teaching assistants.

Pre-Reception is happy and welcoming and aims to provide a sensitive learning environment, celebrating every child’s strength and interest.

Little Lyndhurst provides a secure, caring environment in which self-esteem, independence and the foundations of good social and academic skills can develop.

We offer a range of term-time sessions.

Our opening hours are 8am to 6pm – offering a variety of morning and afternoon sessions to suit individual needs.

Our sessions are diverse and meet the requirements of the EYFS whilst maintaining traditional values and social expectations.