Enriching our curriculum

Enrichment activities serve to take the learning beyond the walls of the classroom and really bring subjects to life. 

They are carefully planned to enhance the excellent education provided in the classroom. These may involve visits to galleries, landmarks, workshops, local gardens, historical sites in the South East. We invite authors and hold workshops to speak to and inspire the children. 

We believe that trips, outings, workshops and visiting speakers are an essential and integral part of the curriculum, enriching all that we do in the classroom. It is therefore hoped that all the children will take part in a curriculum-related trip and possibly additional cultural trips each term. 

How can you help at home

At Lyndhurst, we want to foster a love of reading. Each child is urged to read every night, starting right from Nursery we encourage parents to share a book with their child and as they move through the school, we ask that children read each night with parent supervision.   

From Reception onwards, children will be given Doodle accounts.  This is an award-winning online learning platform which uses the latest advances in educational technology to support each child’s individual learning and transform their learning into a fun, rewarding adventure. 

From Year 4 onwards, children are assigned specific Maths and English homework once a week, which will be sent home to support what is being taught in class. We ask for this work to be completed and handed in the following day.  Spelling will be set weekly; a list of the spellings for practising will be emailed home in the weekly teacher email.   

Sleepovers and Residential Visits 

The benefits provided by sleepovers and residential visits cannot be underestimated and form shared experiences between teachers and peers that cannot be replicated in the classroom. 

Our sleepovers commence in Year 4 and the residential trip programme is for Year Five and Year Six children. 

Year Five spend two nights at a local place enjoying the thrill of living in camping pods whilst Year Six venture a little further staying in the countryside and undergoing a programme of challenging and stimulating outdoor activities including the leap of faith, kayaking and abseiling to mention but a few.  

All the residentials, sleepovers, trips, workshops and additional enrichment activities are included in the school fees.