Admissions Process

Stage 1

Contact the school: 

  1. Complete the online enquiry form.
  2. Phone Mrs Nye, Head of Admissions on 01276 22895 

We will send you an enquiry information pack and support you through the process. 

Visit us! Please contact us to arrange a visit to the school and to meet the Headmaster or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

We will contact you two days prior to your visit to confirm the date and time. 

Stage 2 

Your child will be offered a trial day or stay and play session(s) according to their age. 

For future Pre-Reception entry the school may offer a Provisional Offer followed by ‘stay and play’ sessions and complete due diligence checks the term prior to the child’s entry to the school. 

The school will contact your child’s current school/setting and complete our due diligence checks. 

Stage 3

Your child will attend a trial day(s) or stay and play session(s): 

  1. Entry to Year 1 – Year 6 the school will invite the child to a trial day in their current year group, without their parents.  
  2. Entry to Reception the school will invite the child to one trial session into their current year group, without their parents.
  3. Entry to Pre-Reception the school will invite the child to two ‘stay and play’ trial sessions into their current year group, at least one of these sessions will be without their parents.  
  4. Reception – Year 6 the children will be invited to our Summer Move Up Morning. 

Stage 4

Trial day Process: 

  1. On the trial day/session the parent/s will bring in any medication, if required such as inhalers, EpiPens. 
  2. The staff will provide feedback to the Head of Admissions. 
  3. Head of Admissions will meet and discuss with the Senior Leadership Team and assess the individual case. 
  4. Parents will be contacted by the Head of Admissions to inform if a place is offered or not. 
  5. A start date is agreed if a place is to be offered. 

Stage 5

If a place is offered, you will be sent an offer comprising of the following: 

  1. Parental Acceptance Form (inc. fee payer’s details) 
  2. School Contract 
  3. Code of Conduct & Gold Stars Behaviour Rules 
  4. Request to pay the £300 Admission Fee (non-refundable) 

Stage 6

Once a place has been confirmed and accepted, all relevant joining information will be sent. 

  1. Visit and/or contact your child’s present school/setting to meet the child in their environment.  
  2. If your child has not been to a previous school/setting the school will request to visit your child at home.  

In the term before your child is due to start: 

  1. You, the parents, will be sent the Admissions Form for completion. 
  2. Your child will be invited to attend transition session(s), usually in the Summer Term for ‘Move-up Morning’. 
  3. A member of the Senior Leadership team will go through the Admissions Form with you and answer any further questions you may have. 
  4. If your child is joining at the beginning of an academic year your child and yourself will be invited to attend a ‘New Child’s’ Brunch in September.