The Prep department of Lyndhurst consists of Years 3 to 6.

Each class has a form teacher who is pastorally responsible for the children and is the parents’ first contact on day-to-day matters.

Year 3 is a year of transition, while still class taught, the children experience more roles and responsibilities to help them build their independence. Their transition from Pre-Prep is facilitated by the form teacher, who ensures their pastoral wellbeing throughout.

The pupils continue to be taught by specialist English and Mathematics teachers. They move around the school for different lessons in preparation for life at Senior School.

Preparation for Senior School entry is an important element of the learning in Year 5 and regular small tests are given under timed conditions. Each pupil is given a BOFA account which is a computer based assessment preparation platform to aid the children both cement their knowledge and gain confidence working in a timed situation.

Year 6 are given roles and responsibilities as they reach the end of their journey with us. Among the roles House Captains who help and support all members of the house during meetings and termly house events. The children become Prefects and are encouraged to be outstanding role models for their younger peers.

At Lyndhurst, extra-curricular activities are very important. As such, we run a school orchestra with a range of abilities and instruments, tackling such pieces as Silent Night to I want to Break Free.

The prep school also offers the children the opportunity to join its choir, who sing at regular events and concerts

In preparation for the year groups larger residential trips, we invite the children to sleepover for a night in the school. The evening sees a range of outdoors activities, hot chocolate and marshmallows before bedding down for the night in the school building. This allows our children to experience an evening away from home while having fun with their friends.

We proudly offer residential trips in Years 5 and 6. These larger trips allow our children to further build their resilience and independence, over a number of nights away from home. Year 5 are fortunate enough to spend time in an outdoor activity centre,  where they take part in climbing, kayaking and caving. Year 6 spend an entire week in the Brecon Beacons, enjoying the Welsh countryside where they raft build, take aim in archery and practise their orienteering skills. Residentials are an important part of the Lyndhurst ethos, as we ensure they are as inspiring and engaging as possible.