Welcome to Lyndhurst School

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself

Lyndhurst School is the Family School.  As soon as you enter you will feel the homely atmosphere.  Being small we can give individual attention to all our children, providing  bespoke learning and giving  the best possible start to their educational journey.

We do everything we can to ensure our children become the best they can be so that our school stands out as being the best it can be.  Lyndhurst children achieve excellent examination results, adopting a “can do” approach to all they take on.

Lyndhurst is like one big family – Current Pupil

We believe in:

  • Offering a truly individual education – small class sizes; mixed ability; specialist subject teaching

Lyndhurst pupils feel valued and respected as individuals – ISI Report 2016

  • The pupil voice – all staff know every child; every child is listened to; we work closely with parents

Our children simply love school – Current Parent

  • An all-round education – an emphasis on character education; respect; traditional values and manners. A preparation for life
  • Challenging pupils to reach their full academic potential we achieve excellent examination results
  • Excellent pastoral care and well-being of all pupils. Encouraging every pupil to be the best they can be, creating confident, capable, level-headed and happy young people.

Lyndhurst is excellent at striving to inspire its pupils – Former Lyndhurst Parent

Lyndhurst is a true community and the relationship between parents and school is key to our success.  We do not wish to keep our parents at arm’s length and actively encourage communication.  A Lyndhurst parent is part of the team and we look forward to working with you over the years to come.

Lyndhurst School
On Westminster Bridge
Year 6 visit The Houses of Parliament

Year 6 were excited to be heading up to Westminster to visit the Houses of Parliament. They were excited for the entire week previously, the entire journey up to London and the entire time we were in Parliament.

We gathered at Camberley station to catch our train up to London. There were very few other commuters, so we had the carriage to ourselves, and as we entered London we tried to spot famous landmarks. Jumping off at Waterloo, we made our way to Jubilee Park to stop and have lunch. We parked ourselves beneath London’s single eye.

Having eaten, we made the trek along the bank of the Thames (looking at all of the interesting restaurants and shops on the way), before going over Westminster Bridge. Elizabeth Tower was clad in her scaffolding dress, with the clockface peeking out from within, and the huge bulk of Westminster Palace lay before us. The thing that struck us first was just how tall it was, with windows larger than normal houses. We met our tour guide and proceeded to tour Parliament. We went into each House, looked at halls and offices and stairways and corridors, all of which were beautifully decorated and embellished. We then went on to do our workshop, where our three political parties battled it out with words and promises before seeing Oli declared the new Prime Minister! The Greenhills party was robbed of their rightful victory…

Making our way back, we stopped to purchase some souvenirs before heading back to catch the train. All in all, and amazing day out!