What a success the Lyndhurst Christmas Camp was. Although it was only four days, the children took part in a wide range of activities. They started with Treasure Tuesday; a day filled with soldiers of the sea. They used their paper folding skills to create a range of pirate booty, as well as deciphering the secret code to get to their treasure. On Where-in-the-World Wednesday, the children came into school dressed in their holiday clothes. The children were extremely busy creating paths across our ocean (the AstroTurf); learning dances from different cultures; creating snow; playing in the sand and designing flags. On Fantasy Thursday the children arrived in school dressed in fancy dress – ready for another day filled with fun. They created their own comics; used their teamwork to build obstacle courses; designed masks, capes and superheroes as well as some interesting ‘among us’ dancing. For our final day Firework Friday they started with creating chalk fireworks on the playground floor, before splattering their pieces of paper to create the firework effect. In the afternoon, they all got changed into their older clothes before taking part in their favourite event of the week – their powder paint fight!