Category: Kindergarten

Little Lyndhurst – Car racing

19th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst had a brilliant time staging their own car races.  The loved pushing the cars down the track, helping to develop their gross motor skills.   The children enjoyed seeing which place their car came on the race track.  They learnt about first, second and third place, helping with their understanding of ordinal numbers.  The…

Little Lyndhurst – Getting creative

10th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst have been getting creative with a whole range of different mediums.  They have enjoyed doing some doodling helping to support their fine motor skills and expressing themselves with some lovely paintings .  They also enjoyed making abstract pictures sticking shapes and feathers to a piece of paper.

Little Lyndhurst – Building Towers

10th October 2023

The children in Little Lyndhurst have been enjoying using the wooden blocks to build some very impressive towers.  They were very patience and delicate putting the bricks on top of each other and were very proud of their results.  Well done!

Little Lyndhurst – Park life

10th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst love their trips to the local playground, where they get to work on their gross motor skills and building of their peer relationships.  There was lots of giggles and laughter as the children swung on the swing together.  They showed great teamwork pushing the roundabout and they got up to lots of adventures…

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

5th October 2023

It is never too early for Christmas preparations!   Lyndhurst have been getting in the festive spirit by creating their Christmas cards ready for the printers.  They have used a variety of techniques across the school to create a very diverse range of cards, from snowy painted landscapes to colourful stain glass window cards.  The judging…

Little Lyndhurst – Love of Books

3rd October 2023

Little Lyndhurst love reading books!  The children regularly pick up a book and enjoy sitting going through the story.  All of Little Lyndhurst have a great time on their weekly trip to the school library and enjoy story time in the classroom.  

Little Lyndhurst – Something’s cooking

3rd October 2023

The children in Little Lyndhurst love sparking their imaginations by playing with pretend food.  They have had lots of fun making an al fresco restaurant and cooking up a storm in the home corner.

Little Lyndhurst – Numicon Numbers

3rd October 2023

The children in Little Lyndhurst have been busy building houses with Numicon.  The children confidently matched the numbers with the correct piece of Numicon to build their houses.

Macmillan coffee afternoon for parents

29th September 2023

Lyndhurst School is proud to be supporting the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.  We dedicated a whole day of events to support this wonderful charity and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone in helping to raise a fantastic £434.55. We kicked off the fundraising day, by asking all children and staff…

Little Lyndhurst – French

29th September 2023

Pre-Reception are learning about wild animals in French this term.  They are enjoying doing the actions – can you guess which animals they are for?  They have been doing brilliantly counting to ten and have just started learning a song called ‘Un éléphant’.  They are also still enjoying singing all the familiar songs like ‘Frère…