Category: Maths

Primary Maths Challenge

13th November 2023

Years 5 and 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge this week. The test paper contains 25 questions that must be completed with a 45min timeframe. The children showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the challenge and performed very well.

Little Lyndhurst – Sorting

19th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst have been enjoying the topic of sorting.  They have been looking at what rule should be used in a sorting activity, whether it should be sorted by size or colour.   The children in Little Lyndhurst independently sorted the little bears dependent on their size.  The children really enjoyed lining them all up in…

Year 2 Working to a Budget

19th October 2023

Year 2 are very excited about cooking s’mores over the campfire as part of their upcoming leaf lesson.  During one of their maths lessons, Year 2 were given the task to work with a budget of £5 to get the ingredients for this activity.  They had to look up the ingredients they needed and then…

Part-Whole Models in Year 1

10th October 2023

In Maths, Year 1 have been working on developing their understand of the part-whole models.  They enjoyed using the Numicon and Multi-link to visually represent the different numbers and activity will leads on to Year 1 working on simple addition and subtraction calculations.       

Year 4 Rounding Skills

9th October 2023

In Maths, Year 4 consolidated their Rounding skills and writing tenths and hundredths in both fractions and decimals by playing a couple of exciting games.   The lesson flew by – and they were asking Mrs Rudkin for ‘more please’!  

Year 2 – Place Value Partitioning

3rd October 2023

Year 2 have been working hard on their place value and partitioning skills.  They enjoyed putting their knowledge and hard work to the test when they took part in a practical place value relay outside in the sunshine.  

Little Lyndhurst – Numicon Numbers

3rd October 2023

The children in Little Lyndhurst have been busy building houses with Numicon.  The children confidently matched the numbers with the correct piece of Numicon to build their houses.

Money sense day

5th July 2023

All of Lyndhurst School enjoyed taking part the Money Sense day. There was a whole day of money-based activities for the children to get involved in. Raising their awareness of all things money, value and how this fits into all aspects of our day to day life. Year 6 hosted their bring and buy sale…

Little Lyndhurst – What comes next

27th June 2023

In Pre-Reception maths, they have been looking into what comes next.  The children got to wear a bunny head band and chose a lettuce with a number on.  They then lots of fun jumping to that number on the mat and then counting on one more.  Other activities for this topic were a missing number…

Little Lyndhurst – 2D shapes

24th May 2023

In Nursery and Pre-Reception, the children have been looking at 2D shapes and their properties including, circles, triangles and rectangles.  Many of the children did very well at knowing most of their 2D shapes. We started off with circles then followed by triangles and rectangles. The children enjoyed going around the classroom and spotting circles….