Category: PSCHE

Anti-Bullying Week

14th November 2023

To kick off Anti-Bullying week, Monday was Odd Sock Day. The students (and staff!) had great fun wearing odd socks. Why odd socks? This is to symbolise that we are all different and that children should be themselves, accepting of one another and celebrate difference.

Year 4 Friendships Circles

1st March 2023

As part of Year 4’s topic ‘Healthy Me’, they created Friendship Charts and talked about different friendship circles.  They value their friends and how different they are.  They enjoyed a photo shoot to capture their friendship circles and celebrated some of the class craziness!    

Year 4 PSCHE Funniest Potato Competition

9th February 2023

Year 4 had so much fun with the Funniest Potato competition in their PSCHE lesson teaching them about collaborative working.  There were 3 teams in the class (green, yellow and purple) and the children had to work together to design a Potato Person. They needed to create a funny personality for the Potato, give him…