Category: Year 2

Yr2 Reading with Reception

8th December 2023

Reception came to visit the Year 2 classroom this morning and they had so much fun listening to the older children read and discuss the books with them. Year 2 cannot wait to go and visit Reception in their new classroom next week to do the same again!

Yr1 & Yr2 Nativity

8th December 2023

The amazing efforts of our Year 1 and 2 students (and teachers!) paid off as they delivered a fantastic performance this week, they were all amazing! Well done to everyone involved “Wow! What a wonderful show full of happy, excited and confident children. They are comfortable on the stage but even more importantly supportive of…

S’mores for Year 1 and 2

20th October 2023

Year 1 and 2 loved their end of term Outdoor Learning lesson by making s’mores on the fire.  The children loved decorating the biscuits with a chocolatey sauce and sprinkles.  They toasted their marshmallows on the crackling fire and loved watching the marshmallows squish together between the biscuits.  They all said they wished they could…

Year 2 Working to a Budget

19th October 2023

Year 2 are very excited about cooking s’mores over the campfire as part of their upcoming leaf lesson.  During one of their maths lessons, Year 2 were given the task to work with a budget of £5 to get the ingredients for this activity.  They had to look up the ingredients they needed and then…

Year 2 Great Fire of London

17th October 2023

Year 2 have been really enjoying their topic of The Great Fire of London.  They used recycling to create brilliant models of the types of buildings that got destroyed in the Great Fire of London at Pudding Lane.  Once they had finished building their own Pudding Lane, they had the excitement of burning it all…

Lyndhurst School Recycling Monster

17th October 2023

At Lyndhurst School, we are always actively encouraging children to recycle items where they can’t be reused.  To help with this encouragement, we have a new arrival at the school…the Lyndhurst School Recycling Monster.  All the children can enjoy feeding it their recycling items and we look forward to watching their imagination go wild thinking…

Lyndhurst’s green fingers supporting the Co-op

10th October 2023

Earlier this year, our pupils kindly donated some seedling that they grew over the half term holidays, as part of the the Co-op’s Spring Challenge to support Yateley Industries Community Pantry Garden Project.   We are delighted to share an update on how the seedlings have blossomed into fabulous plants.  The community there have harvested some of the…

Year 2 Autumnal fun at the Park

9th October 2023

After a very busy week, working hard, Year2 were treated to an afternoon having lots of fun at the local park.  They got to enjoy some beautiful Autumnal sunshine as they did their LEAF lesson, where they were exploring the changing colours of the leaves and making some leaf art.  There was also lots of…

Doodle Summer Challenges

5th October 2023

It was lovely to see so many of our pupils take part in the Doodle Summer Challenge this year in Maths and English. They had to log into their Doodle account every day for 14 consecutive days and earn at least 600 stars for the younger children and 750 doodle stars for the older children…

Year 2 Art – Primary Colours

5th October 2023

Year 2 have been enjoying exploring primary colours and have been inspired by the work of artist Piet Mondrian.  They took inspiration from one of his iconic abstract paintings made from squares and rectangles to create these bold and vibrant designs. Mrs Dodds, our Art Teacher was very impressed with the results.