News & Events

The Book Fair @ Lyndhurst

27th April 2018

This week, Year 6 took over the Book Fair! The children who took part did an excellent job of customer support, handling stock and cash, and showed exceptional politeness and professionalism throughout. The Book Fair, as always, was a roaring success, and we look forward to the new resources for our school that we will…

PUPIL VOICE – Lyndhurst Ledger – FIRST ISSUE

26th April 2018

We are proud to present our very first issue of The Lyndhurst Ledger – a newsletter created by the children of the Journalism club. This newsletter, made by children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, contains news and articles that the children themselves have created. It is the ultimate example of pupil voice –…

Year 1 & 2 @ Windsor Castle

26th April 2018

This week, Year 1 and 2 went on a trip to Windsor Castle. It was warm and sunny in the morning so we started off with a guided tour. Our tour guard asked us many questions about castle’s history and fortifications. We made our teachers proud because we could answer all of them so that…

A New Term and New Equipment

20th April 2018

We are delighted that the Friends of Lyndhurst have been able to help us purchase new play equipment to be used at playtimes. The whole school has thoroughly enjoyed trying out all the new opportunities this week – THANK YOU!