Here is news from just some of our clubs….

Puppet club

The children have been really busy making their own puppets and making up plenty of stories for the puppets to act in. I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed making up a variety of stories about monsters, witches and unicorns and turning what are the traditional ‘baddies’ into the ‘goodies’ in the stories and vice versa.

My favourite puppet that a child has made has to be Alex’s sock puppet. He remembered to bring his own sock in and was very creative in what he wanted to do. The sock puppet isn’t a bad actor either!

Outdoor Club

Last week we had our first Outdoor Activity Club,  playing team games and doing exercises on the tyres and the adventure playground. This week due to the weather being very cold and wet,  we had a fun filled time in my classroom instead. Dancing and doing aerobics to songs such as Happy, Taylor Swift and some old 80’s favourites. Wow those girls and Christian  (our only boy) certainly know how to boogie.

Storycraft Club

In Storycraft club, the children are busy making up their own stories. They are all making simple origami pop-up books but all of them are creating their own stories and their own illustrations. We are really hoping to able to see and hear these stories next week before we stop for half term. We will keep you posted!


Netball Club

Netball club is not only an excellent way to start the day but it also gives the girls an opportunity  to learn and apply new skills.