Year 6 – Day 3 @ Elan Valley, Wales

Posted: 24th May 2018

Today has been another fantastic experience. We began with a delicious breakfast of cereal, sausage, egg, hash browns and toast. No-one is going hungry this week!!

This morning we went to the crag above the dam for climbing and abseiling. The children were a bit nervous, but all willing to give it a go. Jake was the first down the abseil, and pronounced it ‘horrifying, but exhilarating’; he was followed by many others who all overcame their fears and reached the bottom triumphant.

Our instructors Steve and Thomas were so impressed with the children,that they set up the high abseil. This time Zoe was the first one over the top; “it was only scary at the start but in the middle I got into the hang of things and really enjoyed it”. Amelie was quick to follow and she added “it was really fun, it was only scary when you were putting your feet over the edge and it was fun when you were free-hanging”.

After lunch (more delicious food!) we tried our hand at archery. Ruvin was the first to shine by popping a balloon target; quickly followed by Emma, Max and Mr Richardson. William was really pleased to be able to contribute 29 points to his team with a fantastic bullseye.

We’ve just arrived back at the lodge. Some children are showering away their day’s efforts, others are playing twister in the lounge. Dinner is in 20 minutes: Chicken pie (yum!) and then this evening we’ll be problem solving.

Best wishes from (sunny!!!) Wales.

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