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S’mores for Year 1 and 2

20th October 2023

Year 1 and 2 loved their end of term Outdoor Learning lesson by making s’mores on the fire.  The children loved decorating the biscuits with a chocolatey sauce and sprinkles.  They toasted their marshmallows on the crackling fire and loved watching the marshmallows squish together between the biscuits.  They all said they wished they could…

Reception trip to Octogon Sweets

20th October 2023

Reception have been learning all about money.  They put their knowledge of money into place when they took a trip to Octagon Sweets in Camberley.  The children had great fun choosing from the array of pick and mix sweets in the shop and then they used their knowledge of money to pay for their sweets. …

Smashing Pumpkins in Reception

19th October 2023

In science, the Reception class made predictions as to what would happen when Miss Goswell dropped a pumpkin from up high.  A lot of the children thought it would be very messy.   Miss Goswell had to drop it two times to get it to break, but the pumpkin did in fact make a big mess….

Little Lyndhurst – Sorting

19th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst have been enjoying the topic of sorting.  They have been looking at what rule should be used in a sorting activity, whether it should be sorted by size or colour.   The children in Little Lyndhurst independently sorted the little bears dependent on their size.  The children really enjoyed lining them all up in…

Reception’s Duck Hunt

19th October 2023

Reception class have been reading ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper, but you will never guess what happened.  The character Duck actually went missing! Miss Morgan told us she saw some signs at the park. We went on a duck hunt and found, feathers, peck marks and even footprints, while also having lots of fun. When…

Year 2 Working to a Budget

19th October 2023

Year 2 are very excited about cooking s’mores over the campfire as part of their upcoming leaf lesson.  During one of their maths lessons, Year 2 were given the task to work with a budget of £5 to get the ingredients for this activity.  They had to look up the ingredients they needed and then…

Under 11s Football Match versus Barfield School

19th October 2023

Lyndhurst Under 11s boys team met Barfield School on a very wet and windy afternoon.  The conditions were poor from kick-off, but Lyndhurst were determined in their play. Strong up front play from Zoravar and Naik put early pressure on and some excellent goal keeping from Sebastian on one pitch and Alex and William on…

Making Pumpkin Soup

19th October 2023

Reception have been enjoying reading the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper.  They have loved hearing about the animals having their own jobs to do when they cook, and they especially enjoyed the mayhem that occurred when duck wanted a turn at stirring the pumpkin soup.  The children in Reception class have got to enjoy…

Little Lyndhurst – Car racing

19th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst had a brilliant time staging their own car races.  The loved pushing the cars down the track, helping to develop their gross motor skills.   The children enjoyed seeing which place their car came on the race track.  They learnt about first, second and third place, helping with their understanding of ordinal numbers.  The…

Year 2 Great Fire of London

17th October 2023

Year 2 have been really enjoying their topic of The Great Fire of London.  They used recycling to create brilliant models of the types of buildings that got destroyed in the Great Fire of London at Pudding Lane.  Once they had finished building their own Pudding Lane, they had the excitement of burning it all…