Year 6 in Wales

Posted: 7th June 2018

Wow! What a week Year 6 had in Wales.


We climbed to the tallest peaks (well, to the top of the hill anyway) we scaled mighty towers (a tower of milk crates!) and we adventured down the Amazon, okay it was across the reservoir, but you get the idea!

We  began our week with orienteering; the children had to guide us on  a very warm walk round the Elan Valley; up the hill and back down past the ‘Dambusters’ practice dam. Then came the Leap of Faith:  a very wobbly ladder to an even wobblier platform, where the bravest souls leapt into thin air (with a harness of course!). This was closely followed by working as a team to build the tallest tower of crates supporting one of their team-mates and finishing our session with zipping down the zip-wire.  Watery adventures followed, with canoeing and kayaking across the reservoir to the dam, raft-building – that was hilarious to watch from the bank, as oars and children were lost overboard!  None permanently I’m pleased to say.  Later in the week, we walked through the middle of a dam, yes right inside it – very dark and drippy and little bit scary….Archery was next, with arrows flying towards targets left, right and centre, fortunately missing all the sheep. We finished our week with a visit to the gift shop for some retail therapy and then home, tired but with everyone having had an amazing time and with great stories to tell.

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