Resilience Workshops

Posted: 14th March 2019

Resilience Workshop
On Thursday 7th March, Natalie (from Positively MAD – Make a Difference) came to do a very special workshop for Yr 4, 5 and 6.
The children learnt how the sides of their brain are different. Our left side is responsible for Maths and English whilst the right one is responsible for our creativity.
Natalie thought us various ways for remembering things easier – we just need to make them funny, big, crazy, colourful. She used actions to remember those ways as well!
She told the children a story about the First People in Britain with fun clues to remember the order of them: Stone Age – Bob was hit in the head with a stone. He took a part in a marathon and wins the Bronze Medal. His mum got cross because he had not IRONed his shirt. He wanted to go home so he found a boat and said: Row Man – a clue for Romans. The other man was too busy to take him on the boat because he was loading SAX ON the boat. The other ship he went to was called the Viking and then he called his friend Norman to pick him up.
The children loved acting out that story and they were able to remember all the names of the First People in Britain.
After that, they used clues to learn about Neil Armstrong’s life, followed by learning the names of different countries using pictures in our brain and finally they learnt how to count in Japanese, like a Japanese warrior. The children used all three styles of learning to do that – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
Hopefully they will use some of the techniques they learnt about to make their learning easier and more fun.