Year 6 Bikeability – Having a Wheelie Good Time

Posted: 17th May 2019

Bikeability Team

Year 6 have been enjoying the sunshine this week on their bicycles, which really perked them up out of feeling tyred. The ability to get outside and feel the sun on their backs, wind in their hair and uncomfortable bike seats got them out of the vicious cycle of school work. Zachary took to it like a student to a cycle-ology lesson and made a good spokes-person for the group, suggesting sensible ways to stay safe while navigating the roads. Rosa also enjoyed being outside in the fresh air, as she had done a lot of work in Maths on inflation. Kieran was nervous on the first day, but the second proved much more successful – it was like he was in a whole different gear. Isaac cycled his over some grass, and now sports a lovely daisy chain. Finally, Indi struggled with her air pressure in her tyres. It was definitely a case of ‘air today, gone tomorrow’.

Many Thanks to Sarah and Russell from Surrey County Council for all their help and hard work this week. The children have had a fabulous time.

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