Year 3 @ Chertsey Museum

Posted: 7th June 2019

Very Serious Vikings

With great excitement Year 3 visited Chertsey Museum. They were greeted by an Anglo Saxon monk, who the Vikings didn’t like. There was a 10th century sword in the museum which was found in the Thames. It was a very big sword.  This sword was  used only for ceremonial purposes. It was found in a gravel pit.  The children made some super swords replicas.

The children ventured to the grounds of Chertsey Abbey. Where Brother Alice with her habit gave the children a tour of the grounds.  The abbey was  founded in 666, Anglo Saxon times. The monks dug up ditches to drain the land which we spotted everywhere. Year 3 learnt that the monks grew all their own food.  They discovered that the Vikings burnt the abbey down twice and the Henry VIII eventually closed it down. An interesting fact learnt included the local people traded with the abbey Byfleet traded with eels.

After lunch Year 3 explored the museum discovering manuscripts from the National Archives in Kew. We were all impressed with the beautiful script Year Three’s handwriting is nearly as good as it.

Roar! A Viking entered the museum he was a time traveller. To the confusion of everyone he spoke in Viking and old English. It was entertaining afternoon! Lots of fascinating facts were learnt.  A helmet was tried on much to the amusement of all. A travelling cloak was tried on, a shield was tested by a throwing spear and axe male skirts were worn and especially nasty spear was thrown. There were frightening moments when the children were Anglo Saxons being attacked by the Viking.
A super day was had by all.

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