Wales 2019 – A Year 6 Adventure

Posted: 18th June 2019

Wales 2019

What a Week in Wales…

Year 6 returned from their Wales trip, thoroughly exhausted but riding their continued excitement. So much happened over the 5 days it’s difficult to know what to recap.

Over all 5, we dined on the breakfast and dinner of Kings – wonderful home cooked food was presented tom us each day, and it was always swiftly devoured.  We also had free reign of lunch, too, and were able to make our own packed lunch from a wide range of ingredients. Monday saw us orienteering through the hills behind our lodge, taking in the gorgeous views of the reservoir beneath us. Bedtime came, and set the precedent for the week – Year 6 were excellent at going to bed. Not so good at getting up, not naming any names, Zachary, but never mind. Tuesday saw us go kayaking and also saw the beginning of the rain for us – not to worry, though as kayaking is quite a wet sport anyway! Wednesday saw us climbing rocks, then descending from them and finally Thursday we built ourselves 2 fantastic rafts. And of course, Thursday introduced Sheepy Hill…

The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed themselves – it was a real shame that we had to go home!

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