Year 4 @ Hampton Court

Posted: 12th September 2019

Year 4 outside Hampton Court
Our Royal Coach departed from Lyndhurst School with the Year 4 courtiers to impress Henry VIII with their knowledge about his family. On arrival they attempted to try a sample the royal wine from the fountain but unfortunately the Tudors have drunk it all! 
Tiptoeing along the cobbled courtyard to take a peak into the Great Hall, they spotted the hidden emblem of Anne Boleyn.
Bravely, they stormed through the haunted corridor where Catherine Howard had attempted her escape from an executioner.
With a full stomach, after their Tudor meal, they foraged in the palace garden, collecting tomatoes, figs, peppers and grapes. 
In the royal kitchen, they discovered the hidden stories of the palace where they learnt that the King’s cups were made from sugar, saffron and gold – what an extremely expensive treat!
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