A different kind of ‘Tweet’ @ Lyndhurst

Posted: 12th February 2020

Owl flies over children's heads

There was much twittering in amongst the children this week when the owls came to visit Lyndhurst.

Reception to Year 6 learnt some interesting facts about owls and had the opportunity to see them fly. There are 6 types of owls in United Kingdom and over 200 owls in the world.  Several children had the opportunity to wear the protective glove and let the owl fly to them.  Whilst a few lay down to demonstrate how low the owls can fly.  A few of the owls enjoyed perching on top of the speakers in the Deacon Hall. It was really exciting and the children absolutely enjoyed their time with the owls.

Following the display the children were lucky enough to have their photographs taken with the owls.  The owls were absolutely beautiful and it was a joy to have these majestic animals at Lyndhurst School.


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