Sometimes our happiness is captured, somehow a time and place stand still

Years Five and Six had a pleasure to watch the Farnborough Hill production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and they were absolutely astonished with West End-like skills of the girls.

When we entered the school hall, we were amazed by stunning backdrops and the pillars decorated like bare trees from a creepy forest. Thorough the production, the stage turned into a towering gate, a library or an ancient castle – it was all very magical.

The colourful, bright lights added to the enchanting atmosphere – especially the silver disco ball which created the night-like mood with twinkling starts and a full moon.

The dancing routines (especially the ones with the beer tankards and ‘Be My Guest’ with the cakes) were performed perfectly and the tap dance by a girl who played Monsieur Lumiere was brilliant!

It was so interesting to see the girls playing the male parts – they did it so well that we forgot they were actually girls! Their singing was so beautiful, especially when they sang together in harmony – the girl who played Belle was superb when holding very high notes!

The Human-sized Candelabra and the Feather Duster spoke with French accents which was incredibly amusing and helped us remember about the origin of the fable.

Our personal favourite was the girl who played Gaston – her costume and hairstyle were just perfect! The orchestra made us feel like we were watching a real Disney musical and all the children were singing on the coach, on the way back to school.

We hope that their performances over the next three evenings go well.

Year 6 and 5 girls have lots to aspire to and they are looking forward to being a part of Farnborough Hill community in the future.