Inside Out Day

Posted: 11th February 2021

To mark the end of Children’s Mental Health week organized by Place2Be, on Friday was our ‘Inside Out Day’.

During their ‘Rainbow Session’ the children wore an item or two of clothing inside out and took a moment to stop and think how others are feeling.  The children discussed why it is important to be kind always…you never know how someone is feeling inside.  They thought about how someone looks on the outside does not necessarily show how they are truly feeling on the inside, so it is important to always be kind and think of others.  No one should be embarrassed about how they feel.

At Lyndhurst we remind the children that it’s okay not to be okay. No one is perfect, even though they may look so from the outside.  Lyndhurst children should not have to face mental health problems alone and we all here to support each other.

Year 4 thought about inside feelings
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