World Maths Day

Posted: 25th March 2022

Every pupil at Lyndhurst took part in a range of fun Maths activities to celebrate World Maths Day on 23rd March. Pre-Reception enjoyed a Number Hunt, practising writing their numbers and then tackled addition of numbers greater than 5. Reception played Maths Games and Tens Bingo. Year 1 enjoyed an afternoon of carousel activities that included making 3D shapes from nets, addition and subtraction colouring and Number Pong. Year 2 looked at Fractions using food – they enjoyed sharing pizza, chocolate and biscuits! Year 3 enjoyed an Escape Room and Multiplication and Division Challenges. For Years 4, 5 and 6  the lovely weather gave them the opportunity to do lots of Treasure Hunts around the school grounds including Place Value, Multiplying by 10 and 100, Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers and using Pythagoras Theorem to find the sides of right-angled triangles. All in a day’s work in Maths @ Lyndhurst!


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