‘Ooh La La’ – it’s Year 5 French Day!

Posted: 9th June 2022

Year 5 had their French Day this week, and I think they will all agree that we had an amazing time! The children had put a lot of effort into their red, white and blue clothes and looked very stylish. Everyone took part enthusiastically in all our activities: we listened to the story of 14 juillet (14th July), played some lively games to practise the vocabulary, and then dressed up and performed our own version of the French Revolution (no-one was hurt!). We had a delicious cheese-tasting event, during which we recorded our own preferences and carried out a survey in French to find out other people’s. We then used this information in a written activity. Finally (and this was all before our delicious French-style lunch!) we had a quiz on French words commonly-used in English.

After lunch we marked our quiz answers, rehearsed for our assembly next week, and finished off with…you’ve guessed it, more cheese and baguette!

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