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Year 1 French – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

5th October 2023

This term, Year 1 are preparing to read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ They can already name some fruits and sing a song about them, ‘Pomme de reinette.’ They have been playing a game of ‘What’s missing?’ with their fruit toys. They have also been learning the days of the week, and have been doing a…

Little Lyndhurst – French

29th September 2023

Pre-Reception are learning about wild animals in French this term.  They are enjoying doing the actions – can you guess which animals they are for?  They have been doing brilliantly counting to ten and have just started learning a song called ‘Un éléphant’.  They are also still enjoying singing all the familiar songs like ‘Frère…

French – ‘Monsieur Pouce’

26th September 2023

Reception have been really enjoying learning a finger rhyme in our French lessons. Here they are performing ‘Monsieur Pouce’ (‘Mr Thumb’), who is sleeping, eating and drinking before he finally comes out to play! They have also been practising saying how they are feeling and counting in French.  

French assembly

6th July 2023

Year 5 enjoyed taking part in their French assembly to the school and their parents. They wore red, white and blue clothes, and their theme was food and shopping. They sang two songs, one showcasing our basic roleplays phrases and the other celebrating treats and healthy food too. Then they performed the shopping roleplays that…

French day for Year 5

5th July 2023

Recently we held a French Day for Year 5; all the children came to school dressed in red, white and blue clothes and we had a very exciting time! They started off by hearing the story of ‘Le 14 juillet,’ (14th July), when in 1789 the French Revolution began. They learnt some key phrases and…

Year 3 French – Les Arbres

15th June 2023

In Year 3, they have just started learning an authentic French poem, ‘Les Arbres.’  They can recognise the names of three trees and the words used to describe the shape of their branches; here they are demonstrating some of them. Soon they will be focussing on fun phonics and rhyming sounds in the poem.  

Year 1 enjoying Monsieur Pepin et le Moulin

25th May 2023

In French this half-term, Year 1 have been reading the story of ‘Monsieur Pépin et le Moulin’ (‘Mr Pépin and the Windmill.’) This is an ‘authentic’ text, in that it is written for ‘real’ French children, not foreign learners. First Year 1 learned the key vocabulary along with actions (here the children are doing lots…

Reception enjoying ‘Le Petit Chaperon Rouge’

25th May 2023

In Reception this half-term, the children have been reading ‘Le Petit Chaperon Rouge’ (‘Little Red Riding Hood’). They have learned the key vocabulary first of all, together with some actions. Then the children listened to the story and put their hands up when they heard words they knew. Finally they joined in with the key…

Little Lyndhurst – Nursery French

9th March 2023

Nursery have recapped their previous topic of farm animals and enjoy joining in singing some of the words to ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ to start off their lesson.  Their French teacher, Madame Hole, has started a new topic of pets and they have been having fun learning the names for fish, mouse, cat and…

Food and drink for Year 4 French

3rd February 2023

Year 4 are extending their understanding of our food and drink topic; this term we are talking about our loves, likes, dislikes and hates. We have been learning how to make some words plural, and also realising that with food and drink we often don’t make them plural when we talk about our preferences. We’ve…