French day for Year 5

Posted: 5th July 2023

Recently we held a French Day for Year 5; all the children came to school dressed in red, white and blue clothes and we had a very exciting time! They started off by hearing the story of ‘Le 14 juillet,’ (14th July), when in 1789 the French Revolution began. They learnt some key phrases and played Duck, Duck, Goose and the Corners game with pictures. They chose parts, dressed up and acted out the play, including some well-know French songs from the time. It was great fun!

Then it was time for their cheese-tasting event. They learnt some interesting facts about French cheeses, and then enjoyed tasting five: Port Salut, Brie, fromage de chèvre, a Boursin-style cheese and Comté. Comté was definitely the most popular! Here’s a photo of our empty plate – you can see all the Comté is gone.

The children used their love/like/dislike/hate language to say how they felt about them and recorded their feelings in a table. Then they carried out a survey of other people’s likes/dislikes and wrote some sentences about them. They also learned and wrote some new phrases such as ‘C’est délicieux’ and ‘C’est dégoûtant.’

For lunch, they had a delicious French-themed meal of chicken chasseur with an apple sponge pudding and ‘crème anglaise’ (custard).

After lunch they rehearsed their shop roleplays in preparation for our parents’ and school assembly. Finally they finished off with some fun activity sheets. They were also each given a bag of French-themed goodies to take home.

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