Little Lyndhurst – Nursery French

Posted: 9th March 2023

Nursery have recapped their previous topic of farm animals and enjoy joining in singing some of the words to ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ to start off their lesson.  Their French teacher, Madame Hole, has started a new topic of pets and they have been having fun learning the names for fish, mouse, cat and rabbit.  Nursery love to play ‘Cache-cache’ (Hide and Seek) with the toy animals which they hunt for by saying the word getting louder the closer they get to finding it.

Another game they enjoy playing was where Madame Hole says the name of an animal and whoever is holding it, stands up and walks around the circle chanting the name.  The children show so much enthusiasm during their French lessons and have picked up the words so quickly, Madame Hole is very so impressed!