FoL Puzzle night

Posted: 26th June 2023


The Friends of Lyndhurst Puzzle night was a new addition to the Friends of Lyndhurst calendar for this year.  There was a great turnout for the lovely Summer evening which saw 6 teams battling their knowledge and logical thinking in a battle to take home the trophy.  There were rounds including building the tallest and most stable tower to hold a safari animal, Lego chopsticks fun,  guess the beer brand and a very quirky jigsaw round involving bartering and begging!  Congratulations to the Year 3 team who took home the winning trophy.  Commiseration to the Year 1 class, bringing up the rear in bottom place!

Thank you to our fabulous Quizmaster and host, Mr Manser for a wonderful evening and to Mrs Rudkin for her brilliant Pictionary round.  We look forward to doing all again next year!


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