What’s new?

Posted: 4th September 2023

The Summer has been a hive of activity at Lyndhurst School and we are looking forward to having all of the children back to show them all of the changes that have happened.  We would like to thank our Maintenance and Facilities team for all of their hard work over the holidays.

We are sure the children will enjoy the extra light shining through into the music room helping to inspire all of our musical stars to shine even brighter with the new French doors and windows.

The IT area has been redesigned to so the children are able to access all of the equipment easily and independently.  We are also delighted to be able to proudly display all of the letters we have received from the Royal family over the years after the heartfelt letters that were sent by our children.

Down in Little Lyndhurst, the children will love the handmade magical fairy house and will have hours of fun playing on the tractor.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back.


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