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Year 5 Recycled Bird Feeders

10th October 2023

Year 5 loved being creative using recycling to make bird feeders in a recent lesson.  They were very excited to be able to fill them up with bird seed and put them out into the school garden,  in hopes that some feathered friends would use them.  We will keep you posted if we get any…

Year 5 – Recycled Bird Feeders

3rd October 2023

Year 5 had a brilliant time getting creative making some bird feeders from a whole load of recycling.  They are looking forward to painting them and waiting to see if they have any feathered visitors come to use them when they are put out into the garden.    

Year 3 Puppets

28th April 2023

Year 3 have finished off their amazing hand puppets.  Mrs Dodds, our lovely Art Teacher, has been very impressed with both their design skills and their very neat sewing ability.

Little Lyndhurst – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

28th March 2023

Nursery and Pre-Reception have been enjoying the topic of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  They worked together as a class to sequence the story using the pictures.  They had a lot of fun trying to find the correct picture and retell the story.  Some of Pre-Reception children enjoyed printing with tubes to make their own caterpillars. …

Year 1 Space Day

16th March 2023

Year 1 embarked on their very own Space Day! They came to school dressed as a wonderful set of astronauts, a storm trooper, Mars and aliens!  In the morning they went to London Road Park, and each had a go at launching rockets. They used the different angles of the launcher and tried to catch…

Pancake baking in Year 2

14th March 2023

Year 2 have been learning all about pancakes in English.  They beautifully wrote out ingredients and instructions on how to make pancakes.  The children have had lots of fun by finishing off their topic by using the school kitchen to make their own delicious pancakes.   They followed their instructions well and were able to produce…

Year 2 Kite Designing

9th March 2023

Year 2 have been very busy in their art lessons designing a kite ready to build and hopefully watch flying high in the sky.  The children had to think about the different components of a kite, what are the best materials to use and what design they wanted to create on their kite to make…

Year 2 Greenfield Festival

6th March 2023

Year 2 were fortunate enough to journey to Greenfield School in Woking to take part in their KS1 Children’s Festival. They have been preparing for it since the start of the Spring term and researched, wrote about and created a presentation on Fairtrade bananas. They presented this at Greenfield in front of other schools, before…

Winter in Little Lyndhurst

23rd January 2023

Little Lyndhurst’s topic has been all about Winter, which has been perfect in this frosty weather!  The children have enjoyed range of activities, including designing their own snowman, which have been displayed in their classroom.  The snowmen were all so different and had their own character.  Some of the children helped to make Little Lyndhurst’s…

Designing and sewing cushions in Year 5

23rd January 2023

Last term Year 5 were busy designing and creating beautiful cushions.  They have all worked really hard to create stylish and personal designs, their art teacher was very proud of them.  They all did brilliantly sewing and produced really neat stitches and amazing cushions.  They can’t wait to take them home!  Well done Year 5….