Year 1 Space Day

Posted: 16th March 2023

Year 1 embarked on their very own Space Day! They came to school dressed as a wonderful set of astronauts, a storm trooper, Mars and aliens!  In the morning they went to London Road Park, and each had a go at launching rockets. They used the different angles of the launcher and tried to catch them.  When they got back to school, they enjoyed making moon rocks out of bicarbonate of soda, glitter, water, and food colouring. Year 1 also made their very own space cookies, which they loved using the scale and the weights to weigh out exactly how much they needed and were very careful to make sure the scale was level, they also enjoyed tasting the space cookies!

Our Head of Maths, Mrs Rudkin, delivered some secret padlock maths challenges to the class, which they enjoyed.  After lunch, Year 1 used a huge array of boxes, kindly donated by one of our parents, to build their very own space ship! The children loved getting the pens out and drawing key boards and all the gadgets and screws of the plane onto the boxes. They then made their own astronaut obstacle course on the Astro with hula-hoops, hurdles, cones and skipping ropes.  In groups, they shared their courses with each other and had loads of fun!

The day was wound down with word searches, colouring and different activities in the classroom.  The whole day was a blast!